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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Updates Everywhere!

Hiya guys!:D Let's make this short today.The two new clothing items are..
 This is pretty cool. You can physically blend in with any landscape! Even a bright red one. You could be a chameleon. :P

This hat looks pretty funky. :I  But it might look cute on some type of animal. And what's up with AJHQ? They keep making human clothes. Now for a human-ish furniture piece. -_-

I bet you already know what it is.. ANOTHER DARN RUG! But at least it's not ANOTHER flower rug.
-Slaps evil rugs- Go away! I'm sick of you guys! We need beds, that is what we actually NEED!

And for the new updates :)

      Finally hyenas have come! But they had to be diamonds? It's the second animal in a row!
                          Why 99 cents? Why be so exact? Couldn't you have put a dollar??
 Ooh, I liked this party! It's the first one I have been to. Ahh the memories... Bahari Bargains should be on sale because no one ever buys anything there anymore.
 How generous of AJHQ to make it non member! But then it's almost impossible to get a diamond on the daily spin. Quite convenient to have underwater dens portal too...
                                      Spoiler Alert: The new armor is the Spirit Armor! :D

And it looks like the buddy request things are different now! This is when someone asks you to be their buddy:
It's a really good idea to put what the person looks like because so you know who it is!
This is when you become their buddy:
You probably noticed that this was a different person. :P It seems to have a sentence glitch going on there. It says two things at once. It's really annoying! Happy jamming!

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