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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cosmo Statue

So today's new item is the Cosmo Sunken Tiki Statue. It's another statue to go along with Liza. I bet they are going to make the rest of the Shamans. Like the nesting dolls. We could have a tea party with them! (Only if your lonely enough) So here's a pic:
  Looks like AJHQ made a typo! They spelled it Costmo, it's supposed to be Cosmo. Looks like they are a bit sleepy!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rare Item Monday

Today's RIM is the rare glove. I think I know why AJ change the glove to rare earlier, for RIM. Sadly, the rare glove isn't very rare anymore since it came out it stores. But I would still buy it because it doesn't matter if it's rare, only how it looks! Here's a pic-
We finally have a rare item, where we can change the color's! Yay! Ahh.. and something I forgot. This is sold in Jam Mart Clothing. For a price of 3,000 gems. I went broke from that... Jam on!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dirt Bike and Mira Statue

We got some new furniture items :D! First off.. the Dirt Bike. I wonder how certain animals would ride it, like the bunny and the elephant. Well at least they aren't making anymore glass shelves! They would take over Jamaa. Here's a pic

                            And now for the underwater item... The Sunken Liza Tiki Statue!
  Doesn't she look like she's in pain? Maybe she's been holding her breath for 1,000s of years! (Fail of a joke) Nice addition for a Jamaasian home, if your making one! Jam On!

PS: I'm making a glitch page, where I find glitches and post them. Keep watch for the new page!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

No More Glass!!! 

What is up with Animal Jam? They keep making more glass shelves.. We want different items! Lol
You could set up all of your different plushies on each shelve. Maybe that's why they are making os much! Here's a pic:
                                       Animal Jam is going modern...

Also................................................................................................................I am now......................................... a ..............................MEMBER AGAIN!!!! :D

Friday, April 25, 2014

Trade Post

Hey everyone. Lately I have been wanting a headdress more and more! I wondered if any of you would trade me a headdress, or send me one! Sorry for asking, I just wondered. And before you get confused, rare headdress aren't worth my WHOLE list. They aren't that rare, defiantly not worth a party hat! So please trade me, my user is Starpilot2000. Thanks! 

I am Sad...

 Hey guys.. I lost my membership a few minutes ago. It feels so weird being a non-member.. I can't do much stuff anymore. I feel trapped in this game! Animal Jam seems to only care about making money. I now just realized how unfair this game is to non-members! They keep making member animals and they can't copy messages, and they can't receive and send gifts. Animal Jam is taking away their rights. ( I should say our, since I'm one of them ) We need to stand up to them. We need to send them email's. We need to bug them to make it fair!! GO JAMMERS!!!
                                       ( My non-member wolf )

Hermes Winged Shoes

There is a new item in Jam Mart Clothing.... the Winged Shoes! Now you can fly even if your not an eagle. ( though sadly you actually can't ) They took Hermes style of shoes. I wonder if it's possible to go to the Underworld now. Anyways.. here's a pic! 
They kinda look odd on your animal... Oh, I just remembered something! It kinda has a Greek style to it also. Jam on!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Modern and Underwater Item's

Sorry that I haven't posted in a couple days. I was busy with school and stuff. But forget what I said, and lets get on with the new items! First off.. the new furniture item's for the land dens are: the Glass Shelves and the Offset Glass Shelves. Looks like Jamaa is getting into modern style! It's the new hip and funky. =P Here are the pics...

And here is the new underwater den item.. the Trident! Perfect to put by a throne in your own underwater kingdom. You could be the old father dude from Ariel. Lol! Here is a pic.
If that thing is made from solid gold, that's got to be hard to carry around. Plus it would be worth millions! ( Sadly in reality )

Monday, April 21, 2014

Rare Item Monday and Cherry Blossom Tree
Today rare item is... the pirate beard! (uh-oh, now I have to get into pirate mode) Arg mateys this new item the loot to buy. Just row your ship down to Jam Mart Clothing and pick up ye booty. Here ye is a pic: 
Pirate-tastic! Arg mateys, ending my scary, sad accent now. 

 And now....  The Cherry Blossom Tree! :D It's the sign of springtime!!! Yay! It's nice, pink, flowery, and pretty. It's sold in Epic Wonders. (Oh yay! More expensive items) Here's a pic:
 It looks like there is blossom's  falling to the ground. Gosh, the more I talk about it, the more I want it myself. But did you know if you click the tree, the blossoms fall off! 
 Now it's plain old boring wood. Reminds me of winter. :-T But don't forget to click the tree again! It grows right back. It's like your Mother Nature. Jam on!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Is This A Beta Den Palooza Or Something!?

People these day's seem to be getting more beta and rarer. D: It's crazy! Ya know the super spike girl Nikor I was talking about earlier? Well, you should see her den... 

 As you can see ( maybe ) that someone said that she tried to hack Aj. I don't think you can get items from that though.... I don't see how it's possible to get ALL of those beta items. Animal Jam isn't about rares and beta's. It's about fun, friends, games, and maybe roleplay. I don't see why people care so much about rares. I sure don't. ( even though I want a headdress really bad ) Happy Easter!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bunny Top Hat Party! 8D

 I was in the bunny-rific party today! A top hat party! It was at Jadie12346 den. While I'm typing this, were still doing it now. Lol Here are some pics. :P

Poor Enchanted was the only one without a Top Hat. Sorry!

Crazy Rare Person

Someone told me to look up Nikor, so I did. AND HOLY POTATOES, SHE IS RARE!!!!!!!!!!!! Rarer than Julian2 to be exact! She has EVERY COLOR SHORT SPIKE WRIST AND COLLAR!!!!!! Here are some pictures:

  OMG SOOOOOO CRAZY! She could get, like a MILLION founders with these spikes!

Woven Shoes

A new clothing item has arrived! It's the Woven Shoes. To be truthful, I think they kinda look weird. There's not much to say about them though... But here's a pic.
  They're pretty colorful, they could make you stand out in a crowd I suppose! :P

Friday, April 18, 2014


 I was trying to change something on the chat box... As you can see that failed, so I'll try to get it back on. Sorry again!
Woooooo Greely Nesting Doll!!!!
I am sooo happy!!! They have a Greely nesting doll at Epic Wonders!!! Greely is my favorite Shaman! I must buy him! 
He looks so cute! Kinda like a stuffed animal killer. XD

Rare Glitch?!?!?!?!

This is an emergency post!! I just logged on, and I went to my inventory. And guess what... It said my nm gloves were RARE! First of all, nm aren't rare unless it's a freedom one. Here are the pics to prove it. 

Crazy, right?! Comment if this happened to you!  
Well I got to the bottom of this very quick... This is not a glitch. Many other people have this, and they say Animal Jam changed this. But if they did, why? What's the point... Here are some pics...

 This is all so confusing.... O_o 

Music Video Of the Week

Ok, if you were wondering why the music and voice was so high, it was for copyrights purposeses  I presume. I thought this was the best one also. But I love this song!!! If you want a song featured on the  music video of the week, just comment and I will pick one!

Awesome New Updates, and New Items!

Gosh, I'm so sorry for not posting for a long time! I was busy all this week (even though it's spring break for me). I'm just gonna post a pic. and tell you a bit about it. 

These are two new underwater items. The Ship's Helm Table, and the Underwater Drum Set. Sadly, I cannot say anymore cause I gotta make this quick!
This is a new den items called the Porch Swing. Hopefully people wont confuse this with the BETA Porch Swing. And I hope it wont be used for scamming. But everyone should know the difference, unless they are gullible enough not to know..
Was it just me or is there a new chat update? (look at red circle) When you scroll over it, it says ''repost chat''. So if you type in hello, click chat button and it will say hello on it. Then click hello and it will repost the word. That's a bit odd. :T

And now, these are the new updates. For these I don't need to put words down on them.

I think these new updates are cool, but it's really unfair that all of the updates (except the Earth Day update) are only for members! Animal Jam is so set on only making money and not making this game fair to all!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Diamond Shop Glitch!?

I saw someone walking across the walls in the diamond shop yesterday... I asked them how and they told me. First, go outside the diamond shop by the door. Open party tab, now. Click the diamond shop door and then quickly click the current party. Remember, it only works if yo click it at the right time. So, if you click it right, you end up in the party, but you see the people in the diamond shop! When you move around, it will look like your walking on the walls of the diamond shop. It's really cool. But, there is a side effect. Now, this side effect is really creepy and only you can see it. It's like a ghost of yourself. You can see your self, like a twin kinda. But it just stands there and it quiet, like it's staring at you. So here is a picture of me when I did the glitch. 
 I am the Major Majorstar wolf on the right side. The left is the side effect clone. Everyone around me is the people in the diamond shop. Everyone sees the diamond shop, except me and Infinity, because she did the glitch too. To us, we are in the Atlantis party. And if we go in the right places, it looks like we are walking on walls to the other people! Now, here is my backup account. This is what she sees.. 
 I am the Rosy Snowylily bunny. See I see the diamond shop while Major sees the Atlantis party. To Rosy, it will look like I'm walking on walls, though my wolf isn't in the right position right now. So that is the long, confusing glitch. Try it out for yourselves!


Rare Item Monday

Today's rare item monday is.... the leaf necklace! There is already a rumor going around that Cosmo made it for us. I think Cosmo is smart and caring, if he did that for us. :-) As always, here's a pic....
Also, have any of you noticed that the Animal Jam rare item monday website has moving pictures??? I thinks its cool.Here is the link:

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Here is a perfect tounge twister for this word... Betty bought Bob's bicycle because Bill, her boy, broke his. Now say that 10 time fast! Lol Anyway, this is another new item to get you ready for some spring fun! Just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling. :P 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Super Beta Den

I found a super beta den today. It's iiiiiiiil den. That's 8 i and 1 L. This den has plagues, scarecrows, basketballs, small tables, gecko plushies, cami the frogs, globes, books, panther and gecko banners, rocking horses, and a wooden floor. Talk about beta! Some pics of the den....

Go see the den for yourself, you will get a whole new image for the word beta. It's crazy of how people can get so rare.

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