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Saturday, September 20, 2014

I have to leave...

Hey i know I have already posted today but I have kind of have to quit as I am super busy but I am not going to post anymore on this blog as I already post on like 14/15 other blogs which I can't keep track off I won't be leaving completely as an Author I just won't be posting anymore as I have started school and all so farewell and happy jamming!

The Update!

Sorry we kinda haven't took care of this blog and not posted but since there was an update 2 days ago I'll be posting about that. But I will probably only post when there is an big newspaper update! It just hard to keep up with all of the blog I post for like 14 or 15..? Anyways here is the update:

Hello Jammers! A big update today,but first lets start off with the new item,be sure to purchase the Wheel Barrow Planter in Treetop Gardens in Sarepia Forest!

Pet Monkeys have returned to Jamaa once again,and are waiting for you in the Diamond Store! Be sure to pick up your cute little critter for 3 Diamonds!

Spot on is the newest game in Jamaa! You can play this cool new game in Kimbara Outback! 

Pandas are returning to Jamaa very soon! So keep your eyes peeled for sightings of Pandas! In celebration of that,be sure to head on over the to Jammer Central to watch a fun new video Pet Peeved!

Autumn has arrived in Jamaa! The leaves have changed color,its starting to get cooler which means Autumn has arrived & Jamaa's most enjoyable celebration Night Of The Phantoms is coming soon!

AJHQ thanks all of the Jammers that took part to raise funds so that AJHQ could adopt a real life Otter! We have succeeded and AJHQ adopted one! Its great that they want to help animals! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

I'm So Sorry, I'm Done...

Hi guys. This is seriously my last post. I have decided to quit this blog because I don't have enough time to post EVERYDAY. Also because Stacymaroo quit this blog without telling me. It broke something inside of me. Why can't you tell me if and why your quitting?! You have no idea how annoying and saddening it is when someone quits on your blog without telling you. 

I have read that most bloggers quit around 9 months because they think their blog isn't very successful. But you just have to be patient. I'm not quitting because of that. I'm quitting because I don't have enough time to post. Look, I HAVE A LIFE. I barely have anytime to do anything I want to because I have so much homework and other chores. Plus, my dad has no idea I have a blog or a YouTube channel. So it's hard for me to post when he's home. 

I'm not DELETING this blog. I might sometime later. Also, I'm still keeping up my other blog FATE (Fight Against the Evil). I actually have reliable authors. And that blog has no need to be posted on everyday. I'm a procrastinator and I just need to be free from this blog. I feel like it's pulling me down. I'm always like ''I need to go on and post.'' But I never do. You see what I mean? It's probably really annoying to see me post randomly. If you want to go to a blog that posts everyday, go to Animal Jam Spirit Blog. Her blog is actually INTERESTING. 

One last thing. I get no comments. Barely any views. I mean, my other blog almost has 2,000 views in a month or two. I get alot more comments on there too. I can see that my blog is very boring. Some of you will probably laugh at me because I'm giving up so easily. When I first started this blog I was like, ''I'm never going to quit this blog no matter what!!'' But look at me now. I gave up. I can't do this anymore. I'm overwhelmed. 
I just feel like everything I've done here was a complete waste or time and energy. But now I'm going to waste my time and energy on my other blog. 
Then someday I'll quit that one. I'm losing my interest in Animal Jam. I'm just getting to old for this. Sorry guys! See you around Jamaa!

 I'm so guys! I'm crying for you!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thursday Updates, New Items & Vain Alphas

Heeelllllooo guys! Thursday updates ^-^

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Am So Fat & Closing Doors

Let me just get this off of my back. I AM A PROCRASTINATOR.  A FAT LAZY PROCRASTINATOR. I am sorry about this! 

RIM- Rare Flip Flops 

Let's start off with the oldest items first ^-^
Den completely full of bamboo + panda = happy panda. xD Ok, so, this Bamboo Patch is sold at Treetop Gardens for 350 gems.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hummingbird Balloon Hat + Stacymaroo's eagle!

Hey guys! We have a new item today! It's the Hummingbird Balloon Hat! Some random facts about then you probably know... hummingbirds are the smallest bird, and the smallest HUMMINGBIRD, is the bee humming bird, about the size of a third of a pencil xD. They are also the only animals that flap their wing in a figure 8. Well yeah. This balloon hat is the cutest so far in my opinion, Kawaii! It costs 2,000 tickets( xD, gems ) and is found in the Summer Carnival. Here are the ratings!:
Color: 5/5
Size: 4/5
Cost: 4/5
Awesomeness: 5/5
Total: 18/20 YEY!

  Well yeah... today I just got my second diamond animal, the eagle! I REALLY pray otters aren't going to be diamond, but I don't think so. Otters will probably be gems cause so many animals are diamond, and also people will quit cause of the fact they can't get a cool animal. Also a lot of people hate the diamond shop, as do I! I names my eagle Mythical Magiceagle, in honor of my main blog. :D yay!!!
Yey! Now I can play the Forgotten Desert!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Catching Up The Stufffff!

Hey jammers! I haven't posted in a long time! Well, now, I do have time!  So lets start with the RIM! Well yes... it was a BIT late.. But it doesn't matter ^-^
This slightly reminds me of tennis! I think they wear these when it's sunny outside so they can see (obviously). It's just a little perky item! At least it's not a boring recolored item, I would hope not.

And going a little farther back, here are the Thursday updates!

These are a lot a pawsome updates AJ has here :D! I'm very glad that the Ice Cream Parlor won! And otters are a wonderful animal to bring into Jamaa. I just hope they aren't ANOTHER diamond animal!

And here are all of the Ice Cream Parlor items! How delicious!

And I saved the coolest for last ^-^
If they come out with a really nice animal claw, I definitely be there to purchase it! :O IDEA! Who wants to hear a AWESOME fact! Humans share 50% of there DNA with....

And I have a announcement! I will be having two NEW authors coming to AJ Devotion!
  1. Snowypaw - Tuesdays
  2. Lara Doggy - Mondays
Snowypaw has accepted my request, but she cannot post for 4 weeks!
Lara Doggy hasn't accepted my request yet, but she will!!

I will be making an authors page right after this!


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