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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Am So Fat & Closing Doors

Let me just get this off of my back. I AM A PROCRASTINATOR.  A FAT LAZY PROCRASTINATOR. I am sorry about this! 

RIM- Rare Flip Flops 

Let's start off with the oldest items first ^-^
Den completely full of bamboo + panda = happy panda. xD Ok, so, this Bamboo Patch is sold at Treetop Gardens for 350 gems.

 The second item is.......

                       The Stone Lamp is sold at Outback Imports for 350 gems! How stony!

Ok the next item is....
The Branch Antlers sold at Epic Wonders for 1,750 gems! To be truthful... it looks like a deer got it's antlers stuck in a shrub, or he fell out of a tree. It just looks so weird!

And lastly...
The Leaf Fan sold at Treetop Gardens for 400 gems! It seems like a useless fan to me if it doesn't move! ^D^ It seems like Animal Jam is adding alot more nature themed items. It reminds me of summer.. And sadly, summer is ending too soon! I have to go back to school next week. Speaking of school, I probably won't be able to post as often because school for me is 7 hours. Plus TONS of homework.

And here is a little joke I made up :D
Someone's username is Door, so I make a little joke out of it! ''Are you sure you want to block the door?'' XD Priceless


Stacy, I saw that you posted on Saturday. Yes, it was a good post. But there is one problem. Your posting day is MONDAY. So please drill that into your brain and post on Monday! Thanks.


  1. Oh sorry, I forgot. I thought i would help cause no one was posting :D

    1. Oh, it's fine! Thanks for posting though. Sometimes I get lazy, or my dad doesnt let me on.


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