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Hello I am SnowyPaw! I am the newest author of Animal Jam Devotion! Here is a picture of my main animal Enchanted Daringpaw!

I will be posting every Tuesday on the Animal Jam Devotion! Here are few more facts about me:
My interests are YouTube,Animal Jam,Blogging,Nature,Animals,Art,Photography and Helping the environment. My favorite books are Harry Potter,Malory Towers and Secret Seven. My favorite films are Harry Potter,Wreck it Ralph and Finding Nemo my favorite songs are: Sing by Ed Sheeran and Neon Lights by Demi Lovato. Iv'e been blogging since 2013 and I'm very excited to post on Tuesday Happy Jamming!
Click Here to visit my blog: Animal Jam Explorer Lodge
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Hi! I am Lara, and I want to help anyone in need. I am Stacymaroo on almost any game, AJ, Howrse, you name it. Feel free to buddy me! I am a member, and my first animal was a bunny called "Princess Tinybunny". I still have her, and use her often. I was a non-member for about a year,( I started 2013 around July ) then I began to be a member! My first animal as a member was my fox, "Queen Sunnypaw".I started blogging this year, but have gone succesfully. My main animal is my fox, Queen Sunnypaw. I also use my bunny often! I post on this blog on Mondays, and my main blog is:
I went on my friends account to snipp this... :3


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