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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Update!

Sorry we kinda haven't took care of this blog and not posted but since there was an update 2 days ago I'll be posting about that. But I will probably only post when there is an big newspaper update! It just hard to keep up with all of the blog I post for like 14 or 15..? Anyways here is the update:

Hello Jammers! A big update today,but first lets start off with the new item,be sure to purchase the Wheel Barrow Planter in Treetop Gardens in Sarepia Forest!

Pet Monkeys have returned to Jamaa once again,and are waiting for you in the Diamond Store! Be sure to pick up your cute little critter for 3 Diamonds!

Spot on is the newest game in Jamaa! You can play this cool new game in Kimbara Outback! 

Pandas are returning to Jamaa very soon! So keep your eyes peeled for sightings of Pandas! In celebration of that,be sure to head on over the to Jammer Central to watch a fun new video Pet Peeved!

Autumn has arrived in Jamaa! The leaves have changed color,its starting to get cooler which means Autumn has arrived & Jamaa's most enjoyable celebration Night Of The Phantoms is coming soon!

AJHQ thanks all of the Jammers that took part to raise funds so that AJHQ could adopt a real life Otter! We have succeeded and AJHQ adopted one! Its great that they want to help animals! 

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