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Hello,  I am Starpilot2000. I am 13, and I love to play Animal Jam. I am a avid reader and gamer. I love long fiction books like Harry Potter, Warrior, Seekers, Hunger Games, Twilight, and many other series. I am very smart, weird, and talkative. I like to make new friends and I kinda have an attitude. I like alternative, pop, and rock songs. And I love to sing and play instruments. I have a have a serious interest in animals, so i want to be a veterinarian. Post anything about yourself below or ask me appropriate questions about myself! ^_^


  1. Whats yo fav food

  2. r u doing giveaways?

  3. Preferably, I would like you to ask questions on the question page. But I will answer anyway. To awesomesauce: My favorite food is shrimp. Truthfully, I have many favorite foods. But if I had to choose, I would pick shrimp. And to meep: I might do a giveaway, I just don't know what to give away though. Keep tuned in to see though. :)

    1. Oops I meant ask other questions on the questions page. On this page just ask question about me!


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