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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Updates Everywhere!

Hiya guys!:D Let's make this short today.The two new clothing items are..
 This is pretty cool. You can physically blend in with any landscape! Even a bright red one. You could be a chameleon. :P

This hat looks pretty funky. :I  But it might look cute on some type of animal. And what's up with AJHQ? They keep making human clothes. Now for a human-ish furniture piece. -_-

I bet you already know what it is.. ANOTHER DARN RUG! But at least it's not ANOTHER flower rug.
-Slaps evil rugs- Go away! I'm sick of you guys! We need beds, that is what we actually NEED!

And for the new updates :)

      Finally hyenas have come! But they had to be diamonds? It's the second animal in a row!
                          Why 99 cents? Why be so exact? Couldn't you have put a dollar??
 Ooh, I liked this party! It's the first one I have been to. Ahh the memories... Bahari Bargains should be on sale because no one ever buys anything there anymore.
 How generous of AJHQ to make it non member! But then it's almost impossible to get a diamond on the daily spin. Quite convenient to have underwater dens portal too...
                                      Spoiler Alert: The new armor is the Spirit Armor! :D

And it looks like the buddy request things are different now! This is when someone asks you to be their buddy:
It's a really good idea to put what the person looks like because so you know who it is!
This is when you become their buddy:
You probably noticed that this was a different person. :P It seems to have a sentence glitch going on there. It says two things at once. It's really annoying! Happy jamming!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Rugs.. 

Hiiii.. I was to lazy to post this long while. :P Let's start with the RIM! 
It's tie dye! So now I moustache you a question! Why did AJ do the name tag glitch again? Are they dumb or something? LOL

And here for the rug collection..

Hey one is non member! WOO HOO! THey are making a flower rug collection just for spring! Kewl. And guess what!?!? THE UPDATE IS COMING TOMORROW! HYENAS AND THE CARNIVAL! Can't wait! See ya jammers! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Rug and Why Did You Do This To Me AJHQ!?!?
Well, let's just start off with the happy news. A pretty item came out today in Jam Mart Furniture. The Lily Rug. 

Nice addition to a Cosmo den theme? It's very summer-ish! I might buy this and put it in my very own den. And now for the bad news..

I GOT SUSPENDED FOR THREE DAYS! I'm so angry! It said it was because of my language? Now I have to play on my dumb backup account that is so boring. CURSE YOU AJ! I was gonna make a video today, but I don't think I can now... I'll try. Well, bye guys!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ahhh! So Much To Catch Up On!

Hey guys! Wow, I haven't posted for a week. Let's just say that I got grounded, I had some concerts, and other stuff. Lets start with RIM. 
This picture is from Animal Jam Spirit, thanks for the picture. This seems to match last weeks RIM. Cool! :D And some weird glitch is going on... A DOUBLE SIGN! :O It's rare and its last day. Odd.... :I Moving on!

New furniture item have came out...

You could get these in the eagle adventure. So maybe the unreleased items you could get there were a preview for the new one's coming out?  Good thing I traded mine away! Something random I just wanna say... Julian2 put a bunch of  Water Fall sprinklers together to make a wave pool thingy. But it failed. :D  It was hilarious! Moving to clothing items now!

 Some new hats in Jam Mart Clothing:

The patched hat is non member! It's lame though. I believe all of the non members gets the crappy, lame items.. It's unfair. But look on the bright side, you get a non member item at least! And for the Pillbox hat. The name makes no sense. Does it have a secret pill compartment in it? :I Also, this item was in the eagle adventures too! They are releasing all of the items in the eagle adventure. I dint mind that though..  Hopefully the upcoming update comes tomorrow. And if your wondering what I mean. I mean the............ HYENAS! Well, that's all for today jammers.. Bye!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ten Princess Skates

Hey jammers! How are ya guys doing? :D  Lets start with the newest item... the Ten Gallon Hat! I wonder if it could hold ten gallons of head. :P 
 That's a very odd looking hat. There's some weird plumber dart thingy in it. Moving on!

Finally a new item in the clothing part of Epic Wonders! A dainty princess hat.
Is it just me, or does it look like that winter hat, but straight up. :I  Odd... ''RAPUNZEL LET DOWN YOUR HAIR!'' the elephant said. ''No way! Your going to rip it out.'' said Rapunzel. No offence to elephants :D

And now for the furniture item! Inline skates. It sounds more like a clothing item. AJ is getting a bit confused these days!
Your plushies could ride in them! WHEEEEE! YAY, plushie skate party! :P Wait... this reminds me of summer :O I can't WAIT until school is over. My class, 7th grade, and the 8th grade is going to the U.T. rec center! I can't wait, but I'm also nervous. My crush is in 7th grade. AND OMG, HE   IS   SO   HOT! :D Lets see him shirtless with no abs! Ok no more about my social life. (If i even have one) 
See ya jammers!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Some New Updates and Stuff :D

Heyo Jammers! I'm quite sorry for not posting for a few days.  Long story. :I  Sooo, lets just start with the new furniture items!

These are some pretty cool items! AJ seems to want to start a grass furniture collection. Also, Tennis Rackets seem to be a fun summer item! And a cool piano, maybe you could play some pirate tunes? Im sorry, I gotta keep this short! Alot of stuff to post.

Here is the Rare Item Monday. I got this pic from Snowyclaw's blog, since I didn't get a picture of the item.

Is it purple or blue? :P To many questions! Let's just say it's very kewl. I absoulutly love the beautiful white gem in the middle! It's dazzling.

Here is a new pet item!
Finally!!! AJ made a nm pet item! Well there's a first for everything. :O The pet's could have a war! (I sure get crazy ideas :I)

And for the glitch I found that literally made no sense..
 This was when I didn't scroll over it. There is this weird badge thingy by it.
 And when I scrolled over it.. a snow leopard face came up. Um, that's a bit.. RANDOM?
The new updates! (I'll just show you the pics)

I knew it was going to be a hyena!!!!!!!!! :D Bye jammers!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Grass Chair and Hat

Hey guys! I didn't get to post yesterday due to a thunderstorm. Let's start with the older item. The Grass Chair. Oh joy! It's sold in Treetop Garden in Sarepia Forest. You can get a version with just grass, and a version with flowers on it.
Ok for the next item! The Bowler Hat. It's really old fashioned hat. Here's a interesting fact:  The bowler hat was popular with the working class during the Victorian era, and later on with the middle and upper classes in the United Kingdom. Yay Social Studies time! :D
And here is a question for you guys. Please answer. You know how Snowyclaw changes her pictures, like to show the different colors. How does she do that? Please comment and explain how! Thanks. And jam on!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Music Video Of The Week

Hey guys! Here's the AJMV of the week! Enjoy :D
This is a VERY popular song, so I chose it! Y ou probably heard it like 1000000000 times. But this song will never get old! :D Bye jammers! LET IT GO, LET IT GO... -fades away- 

Greely Statue

Hey guys! I totally screwed up the other computer I use to type my posts. I broke it sadly by spilling a drink on the keyboard. But on the bright side.. I can still use this computer. Anyways, AJ made another tiki statue! Greely, yay!!! He is my favorite shaman. I will buy anything that is Greely themed!
Let's just say that his statue doesn't resemble him at all! He never look teasing and happy. And he looks to cute for the real Greely. But at least he is a happy statue. Jam on everyone!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Peck Statue and Pogo Stick

Hello Jammers! I didn't get to post yesterday due to forgetting about it! I already seem old. Well, lets get stared with the new items! Another underwater tiki statue came out, and it's Peck! My second favorite shaman. And for once, AJHQ didn't make a creepy looking statue! (excluding Sir Gilbert) Here's a pic!
She looks like she has her usual swagg on! Though she looks like a boy!

And for the next new furniture item.. the Pogo Stick! I have never understood them.. they are just so weird! And definitely dangerous.. Bu dangerous is my thing! ):D
It looks a bit unstable, and unsafe.. What if the wood broke.. Eh, who matters! It's virtual, after all!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Rare Item Monday

Today's rare item Monday is the Rare Sunglasses. They are sold in Jam Mart Clothing. Awesome shades to block the glare of the sun! I think they look best on wolves, and deer. It makes 'em look like they got they swagger! Here's my wolf singing with those awesome glasses! :D
As soon as you put them on, your the center of attention. Even though I don't have the rare item Monday glasses on ( I have the non-rare version) , I look pretty cool dropping those beats!
Here's a pic of the rare:
Ok, that's all for today! Bye jammers!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shutter Glasses and Guess what!?!!

Hey guys! A new clothing item came out today. It's the shutter shades! They are pretty funky and cool, eh? Dance party!!!! :D Anyways, here's a pic:
They look reallllllly cool on wolves. Even better than the normal sunglasses.

Ok so now, guess what?!?!?! :D  I have a YouTube account now! And I have some video's on it too. I sound like a boy, though I really do sound alot like a girl when my voice isn't recorded. My channel is knkrobinsondalley, as on here too. Come watch my video's and give me more idea's! Jam on everyone!


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Zios Rug

Today's new furniture item is the Zios Rug. (As said in the title) This is sold in the furniture orb at Epic Wonders. It's a really shiny and cool rug. It look like it's made out of solid gold, and it has gems on it. So make sure to buy it if you are working on a Jamaasian den! Here's a pic:

          I think spending those gems are worth it! Jam on everyone!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Another Update and Aj Offline

Well I just noticed a new update to do with the actions! They change the sit button. Though there was no reason to, it was fine how it was. But I guess they want to make Animal Jam perfect. I don't really mind that, I just thought that was a useless update.. Here's what it looks like now:
And currently Animal Jam is offline! Are they already making new updates? I wonder what they're changing? Maybe there was a glitch with the new updates.
Well, that's it for today. Jam on! :D


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