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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Peck Statue and Pogo Stick

Hello Jammers! I didn't get to post yesterday due to forgetting about it! I already seem old. Well, lets get stared with the new items! Another underwater tiki statue came out, and it's Peck! My second favorite shaman. And for once, AJHQ didn't make a creepy looking statue! (excluding Sir Gilbert) Here's a pic!
She looks like she has her usual swagg on! Though she looks like a boy!

And for the next new furniture item.. the Pogo Stick! I have never understood them.. they are just so weird! And definitely dangerous.. Bu dangerous is my thing! ):D
It looks a bit unstable, and unsafe.. What if the wood broke.. Eh, who matters! It's virtual, after all!


  1. It might be unsafe if your a big diamond shop animal like an arctic wolf its really small when you put it in your den. Only a bunny would like to bounce on it for 2 reasons.
    1: Bunnies are small. 2: Bunnies love to bounce.
    P.S. please visit!

  2. Wow, finally comment! And I agree with you. :D
    I will make sure to visit your blog.


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