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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ahhh! So Much To Catch Up On!

Hey guys! Wow, I haven't posted for a week. Let's just say that I got grounded, I had some concerts, and other stuff. Lets start with RIM. 
This picture is from Animal Jam Spirit, thanks for the picture. This seems to match last weeks RIM. Cool! :D And some weird glitch is going on... A DOUBLE SIGN! :O It's rare and its last day. Odd.... :I Moving on!

New furniture item have came out...

You could get these in the eagle adventure. So maybe the unreleased items you could get there were a preview for the new one's coming out?  Good thing I traded mine away! Something random I just wanna say... Julian2 put a bunch of  Water Fall sprinklers together to make a wave pool thingy. But it failed. :D  It was hilarious! Moving to clothing items now!

 Some new hats in Jam Mart Clothing:

The patched hat is non member! It's lame though. I believe all of the non members gets the crappy, lame items.. It's unfair. But look on the bright side, you get a non member item at least! And for the Pillbox hat. The name makes no sense. Does it have a secret pill compartment in it? :I Also, this item was in the eagle adventures too! They are releasing all of the items in the eagle adventure. I dint mind that though..  Hopefully the upcoming update comes tomorrow. And if your wondering what I mean. I mean the............ HYENAS! Well, that's all for today jammers.. Bye!


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