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Friday, May 2, 2014

New Updates!

Finally, some new updates! AJHQ must have been doing all of these updates yesterday, since there was nothing new. So lets start off with the clothes and furniture! First off the new clothing item is the Sparkly Head Bow! It's really cute, I want it. :D I'm going to keep these descriptions short today, so it won't take up the whole page. Here's a pic:
So the two new furniture items are the Sunken Graham Tiki Statue, and the May Birthstone!

Yeah, I'm getting bored talking about the new tiki statues! So lets move on.. the new birthstone came out! It's a really cool green. Don't forget to get it for your collection. My birthday is in November, though I wish it was like in June or July.

Ok now for the new updates, I will just show you the pics. They will provide enough info, so I don't have to write.

PS: Watch out for the new glitch and weird stuff page coming out soon. It will be a while, so many things to put on it!

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