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Monday, June 30, 2014

Rare Item Monday!

Wassup Jammers! Starpilot2000 here :D And today's RIM is.....
Oh, yay! Another lame recolored item.. :I Seriously AJ? I know your trying to be all ''4 of July'', but maybe you should work on making new items? But there is one pro with these lame, boring, poor tie. ( XD ) It's non-member! :P

I'm thinking about making a new blog about Animal Jam's hackers, scammers, and bullies. I can't tell you much about it, so you can't take my idea! But I will get it done soon enough. Thanks for inspiring me Pink200330 from The Rise Against Hackers!


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Freedom Time :D

The reason I didn't post in two days was because I forgot. xD So anyways, the Freedom Party is here! YAAAAAAAAY! They have some old hats with new coloring. Lazy AJHQ! But  they came out with more:

  I have the feeling that the fox hat will be the most popular :I  Truthfully, I really don't like the Freedom items.

AJHQ is now selling the Underwater Bass Camp music at the Diamond Shop!
I want to buy it badly, but I gotta save up for the new den! Sadly, I don't have enough time to post because my dad is going to get home any minute and I will get in trouble. I'm not supposed to be on the computer right now! So PEACE!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Soooooo Much To Catch Up On

Ok I'm back from Vacation guys!  Well actually, I came back on Tuesday but didn't have enough time to post anything. So, since ALOT of new stuff came out, I will group them up and just show you the pictures! 



Big Updates:

Small Updates:
Here are just a few new post card stamps for the Jam A Grams!
And you can now post comments on the Daily Explorer!

Alot of cool updates!!!! Happy jamming!


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Imma Living Soccer Ball + Rares Are Coming Out

First of all I didn't get to post yesterday because the power went out. Then it got to late to post. But lets just start this post! 
AJ has made the weirdest clothing item ever! A soccer ball hat! It's just so awesome! XD 
 AJ is still celebrating the World Cup. YAY, GO USA! And here is the most annoying thing ever!

GAZELLES CAME OUT! I worked so hard for mine!!! My nr headdress just went to wast. But AJ better make ALL of the rares come out. Or they shall suffer! Well, what's interesting is that the unreleased colors came out too. That's cool I guess. I love gazelles very much.
So, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY EVERYONE! Don't forget to spend some time with your dad and grandpas today. And I probably can't post for the rest of the week. (Excluding Monday) I am going on Vacation. Oh! And next week on Sunday thru Tuesday. I'll try to get on some computer to post. Bye guys! :D

Friday, June 13, 2014


Hey guys!! Lets start with the items in stores first.

Looks like AJ is making these items for the world cup in Brazil! Very cool! They should make the ball animated, so when you walk over it, it goes into a direction. Like in Club Penguin. I really like soccer, it's very fun! I cant write much because my mom will come home and get angry at me for staying up late.
Thursday updates:

I like all of the new updates!! Except the lion one. I have been trying to save up for one. Now I know it's to late!! I WILL MISS YOU FOREVER! Sorry that this was a short post. But peace out!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Do the Hula

Hey guys!! I didn't post yesterday because my computer was so laggy and my dad forced em off. :U But I will hurry up and show you the new items today!

These are the same tiki statues as the water ones. But on land! (Obviously) And look AJ didn't make the naming mistake on the Cosmo statues. They called him Costmo last time. XD I'm going to put these in my den cause these are so Jamaasian! Yay for the alphas! :D BYEEE NOW!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Le New Items and Another Nm Glitch

Wasssup jammers!  Let me start with the new item! ( From yesterday ) It's the wall ivy:
 This might be very useful if your making a type of Cosmo den. ( Like Julian2! ) Or for a medicine cat den. ( For clan dens! ) I actually really like this item. Nature theme's seem to get to me. :P Now lets go to the RIM today!!

This is my favorite RIM of all time so far!!! Let's give it up for the.... RARE WORN!!
This is as cool as the purple one! :D  Maybe even cooler. That blue color is awesome!! Do you know about the secret blue color? Where you click the lower right corner of the neon purple, you get this very light blue. I think this worn would go with that color nicely!

Wootmoo is currently a non-member! And the weirdest part...
He is a nm ARCTIC WOLF! That is so awesome. I know how to do the one where you delete all of your animals expect a member one. But I don't know how Wootmoo did it without deleting all of his animals!! Sooo weird.. 

Plus one small thing. I changed my profile picture :D Likey likey? 
I drew it myself! ( With some help of a fried XD ) See that's me!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Epic Wonders Item

Apparently there was a new item! It's sold in the clothing orb in Epic Wonders. The Gem Encrusted Necklace:
Pretty.. I wonder what it looks like on any of your animals. Sadly I'm to broke to buy one. This is probably gonna be a small post... Oh! I have ended the giveaway. The next items oI am going to do are: Rare Pigtails and Rare Airplane Wings. BYEEEE!!!


Blah Blah Blah

Hey guys... I decided that I didn't want to quit. It took me alot of time to figure out that, that was a stupid reason to quit..  I thank many of my friends for their support. I do still wonder why no one comments on my blog. Is my blog boring and horrible in some way? Am I annoying? Does it lack something? I have over 1,000 views, but no comments at all.. No one seems to want to be an author for Mondays either. And I really need one. I don't want to quit this blog because I have gone very far. I just need your guys help. Spread the word around about my blog. I actually more famous for being an author on The Rise Against Hackers instead of my own blog. I shouldn't spill out all of my grief and problems on you.. You probably just don't care. 

There seems to be no items in Jamaa today.. But look what I found:
A non-member fox. I know how to do that glitch. Before your membership ends, delete all of your animals but a fox. It's pretty easy.

Also, on the the hackers blog, I made a very important announcement about Julian2's YouTube. Click here to see it. I am just to lazy to retype it.

I will change my profile picture. Maybe today. It will be hand drawn.. So I nothing else to say.. Jam on.

Friday, June 6, 2014

This Might Be Goodbye

I can't believe I'm actually saying this... But I think it is time to say goodbye. It's my time to quit AJ. I have been trying to get a rare spike for years. It's not working. I almost gotten scammed, twice. All I get is DECLINE, DECLINE, DECLINE. I'm doing over trades every time. I have been trading every day, for many hours. And I have nothing. This game is wasting my life. I am to old for this...Thank you all of my friends for being there for me when I felt down. I know your trying to keep me in this game still, but I don't know anymore.. I'm getting bullied about my rares and stuff. I might go on again some day. Well for now, goodbye! 

Summer Break!!

Hey fellow jammers!:D I haven't been posting lately due to the happy summer weather. I was forced outside. :I Sooo.. I'm to lazy to show and explain the RIM. It was a Rare Propeller thingy. An underwater item. Let's move on to the furniture. 

And I see AJ is starting a lamp series... Yay....I TOLD YOU WE NEED BEDS! -Sighs- Don't you think these items just look like.. sticks?? WAIT... I just got an idea! What if they were GLOW sticks. Ya know, the sticks that you bend and they glow! Great idea me!

Looks like there is a new carnival item! Let's see if you can guess................................. WOW YOUR SLOW! 
It's clown hair! :I Clowns give me the creeps. The makeup, and their clothes.. They will creep up on you and murder you. And laugh in your face.. Sorry that you had to listen to me saying disturbing stuff. :) But speaking of carnival stuff.. Have you seen people with the phantom cotton candy? I will show you how! Here's is an easy guide on how to do it: 

Hope you enjoyed my video. :P  I will get a new profile picture by the way! I drew it myself. Happy jamming guys! Don't forget to enjoy the summer break.

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