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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Imma Living Soccer Ball + Rares Are Coming Out

First of all I didn't get to post yesterday because the power went out. Then it got to late to post. But lets just start this post! 
AJ has made the weirdest clothing item ever! A soccer ball hat! It's just so awesome! XD 
 AJ is still celebrating the World Cup. YAY, GO USA! And here is the most annoying thing ever!

GAZELLES CAME OUT! I worked so hard for mine!!! My nr headdress just went to wast. But AJ better make ALL of the rares come out. Or they shall suffer! Well, what's interesting is that the unreleased colors came out too. That's cool I guess. I love gazelles very much.
So, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY EVERYONE! Don't forget to spend some time with your dad and grandpas today. And I probably can't post for the rest of the week. (Excluding Monday) I am going on Vacation. Oh! And next week on Sunday thru Tuesday. I'll try to get on some computer to post. Bye guys! :D

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