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Monday, June 9, 2014

Le New Items and Another Nm Glitch

Wasssup jammers!  Let me start with the new item! ( From yesterday ) It's the wall ivy:
 This might be very useful if your making a type of Cosmo den. ( Like Julian2! ) Or for a medicine cat den. ( For clan dens! ) I actually really like this item. Nature theme's seem to get to me. :P Now lets go to the RIM today!!

This is my favorite RIM of all time so far!!! Let's give it up for the.... RARE WORN!!
This is as cool as the purple one! :D  Maybe even cooler. That blue color is awesome!! Do you know about the secret blue color? Where you click the lower right corner of the neon purple, you get this very light blue. I think this worn would go with that color nicely!

Wootmoo is currently a non-member! And the weirdest part...
He is a nm ARCTIC WOLF! That is so awesome. I know how to do the one where you delete all of your animals expect a member one. But I don't know how Wootmoo did it without deleting all of his animals!! Sooo weird.. 

Plus one small thing. I changed my profile picture :D Likey likey? 
I drew it myself! ( With some help of a fried XD ) See that's me!!!

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