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Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Break!!

Hey fellow jammers!:D I haven't been posting lately due to the happy summer weather. I was forced outside. :I Sooo.. I'm to lazy to show and explain the RIM. It was a Rare Propeller thingy. An underwater item. Let's move on to the furniture. 

And I see AJ is starting a lamp series... Yay....I TOLD YOU WE NEED BEDS! -Sighs- Don't you think these items just look like.. sticks?? WAIT... I just got an idea! What if they were GLOW sticks. Ya know, the sticks that you bend and they glow! Great idea me!

Looks like there is a new carnival item! Let's see if you can guess................................. WOW YOUR SLOW! 
It's clown hair! :I Clowns give me the creeps. The makeup, and their clothes.. They will creep up on you and murder you. And laugh in your face.. Sorry that you had to listen to me saying disturbing stuff. :) But speaking of carnival stuff.. Have you seen people with the phantom cotton candy? I will show you how! Here's is an easy guide on how to do it: 

Hope you enjoyed my video. :P  I will get a new profile picture by the way! I drew it myself. Happy jamming guys! Don't forget to enjoy the summer break.

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