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Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Updates :P

Hey guys. Well I tried to fix the title. And you probably noticed what happened! XD  So lets start with the new birthstone..
Very pretty! My birthstone is the amber one. Forgot what it was called.

So I'm an author on another blog. It's called Rise Against the Hackers aka RATH. It's a pretty new blog, as new as mine. It already has 6000 views!!! It's so wonderful to know how many jammers want to stop hacking ans scamming. We had a party today to celebrate. It was my idea!
It was sooooo fun! I hope we can more parties soon. Speaking of parties... Animal Jam Devotion has hit 1000 views! So to celebrate I'm gonna have a party this Saturday. Still deciding the time. I will have the den unlocked. There will be games and prizes. So feel free to come.

p.s. If you want to become an author on this blog for Mondays, please comment on any of my latest of my posts. Or email me at! I really need one.


  1. Cool blog, Knk/Starpilot/whatever you want me to call you! Lol. :D


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