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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Blah Blah Blah

Hey guys... I decided that I didn't want to quit. It took me alot of time to figure out that, that was a stupid reason to quit..  I thank many of my friends for their support. I do still wonder why no one comments on my blog. Is my blog boring and horrible in some way? Am I annoying? Does it lack something? I have over 1,000 views, but no comments at all.. No one seems to want to be an author for Mondays either. And I really need one. I don't want to quit this blog because I have gone very far. I just need your guys help. Spread the word around about my blog. I actually more famous for being an author on The Rise Against Hackers instead of my own blog. I shouldn't spill out all of my grief and problems on you.. You probably just don't care. 

There seems to be no items in Jamaa today.. But look what I found:
A non-member fox. I know how to do that glitch. Before your membership ends, delete all of your animals but a fox. It's pretty easy.

Also, on the the hackers blog, I made a very important announcement about Julian2's YouTube. Click here to see it. I am just to lazy to retype it.

I will change my profile picture. Maybe today. It will be hand drawn.. So I nothing else to say.. Jam on.

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