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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Catching Up The Stufffff!

Hey jammers! I haven't posted in a long time! Well, now, I do have time!  So lets start with the RIM! Well yes... it was a BIT late.. But it doesn't matter ^-^
This slightly reminds me of tennis! I think they wear these when it's sunny outside so they can see (obviously). It's just a little perky item! At least it's not a boring recolored item, I would hope not.

And going a little farther back, here are the Thursday updates!

These are a lot a pawsome updates AJ has here :D! I'm very glad that the Ice Cream Parlor won! And otters are a wonderful animal to bring into Jamaa. I just hope they aren't ANOTHER diamond animal!

And here are all of the Ice Cream Parlor items! How delicious!

And I saved the coolest for last ^-^
If they come out with a really nice animal claw, I definitely be there to purchase it! :O IDEA! Who wants to hear a AWESOME fact! Humans share 50% of there DNA with....

And I have a announcement! I will be having two NEW authors coming to AJ Devotion!
  1. Snowypaw - Tuesdays
  2. Lara Doggy - Mondays
Snowypaw has accepted my request, but she cannot post for 4 weeks!
Lara Doggy hasn't accepted my request yet, but she will!!

I will be making an authors page right after this!



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