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Monday, April 14, 2014

Diamond Shop Glitch!?

I saw someone walking across the walls in the diamond shop yesterday... I asked them how and they told me. First, go outside the diamond shop by the door. Open party tab, now. Click the diamond shop door and then quickly click the current party. Remember, it only works if yo click it at the right time. So, if you click it right, you end up in the party, but you see the people in the diamond shop! When you move around, it will look like your walking on the walls of the diamond shop. It's really cool. But, there is a side effect. Now, this side effect is really creepy and only you can see it. It's like a ghost of yourself. You can see your self, like a twin kinda. But it just stands there and it quiet, like it's staring at you. So here is a picture of me when I did the glitch. 
 I am the Major Majorstar wolf on the right side. The left is the side effect clone. Everyone around me is the people in the diamond shop. Everyone sees the diamond shop, except me and Infinity, because she did the glitch too. To us, we are in the Atlantis party. And if we go in the right places, it looks like we are walking on walls to the other people! Now, here is my backup account. This is what she sees.. 
 I am the Rosy Snowylily bunny. See I see the diamond shop while Major sees the Atlantis party. To Rosy, it will look like I'm walking on walls, though my wolf isn't in the right position right now. So that is the long, confusing glitch. Try it out for yourselves!


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