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Monday, April 21, 2014

Rare Item Monday and Cherry Blossom Tree
Today rare item is... the pirate beard! (uh-oh, now I have to get into pirate mode) Arg mateys this new item the loot to buy. Just row your ship down to Jam Mart Clothing and pick up ye booty. Here ye is a pic: 
Pirate-tastic! Arg mateys, ending my scary, sad accent now. 

 And now....  The Cherry Blossom Tree! :D It's the sign of springtime!!! Yay! It's nice, pink, flowery, and pretty. It's sold in Epic Wonders. (Oh yay! More expensive items) Here's a pic:
 It looks like there is blossom's  falling to the ground. Gosh, the more I talk about it, the more I want it myself. But did you know if you click the tree, the blossoms fall off! 
 Now it's plain old boring wood. Reminds me of winter. :-T But don't forget to click the tree again! It grows right back. It's like your Mother Nature. Jam on!

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