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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Glitchy Table

Wassup Fellas! (xD) Looks like a summer item was released today! Unlike yesterday, which was a winter item. Is AJ counting the southern hemisphere to? :P It seems like it.
The Terrace Table is sold at Jam Mart Furniture for 500 gems!

And here is the most scariest glitch I have ever experienced!
I was on Animal Jam, then it suddenly logged me out. ''Odd'' I thought. I logged back in to see that I had a Jam-a-Gram. I clicked it and this came up. I thought I got hacked. I went to my buddies house and I was telling them what happened. One of her buddies that was over to told me that happened to him for months on his other computer. He kept getting logged out and this JAG always came up. I know he wasn't lying because he got the EXACT same effects as I did. But boy! That was a seriously scary glitch. Speaking of glitches! I'm going to make a glitch page soon. I have everything organized and ready, so it will be there soon. It will be replacing the Giveaway page

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