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Saturday, March 29, 2014

                                      Animal Jam Codes

                   Ok so I have some codes for you! Some might might work or not work.
                     If you were hoping for free membership codes, that's not gonna happen. There is no such thing. Ok so here are the codes.

     explorer- 100 gems
     ngkidsrox-1000 gems
     ajbday3-the 3rd birthday cake
    birthdaybash-the 2nd birthday cake
    thanks-imprisoned phantoms
    adventure-500 gems
    chimbu- 500 gems
    zambezi-500 gems
    nile-500 gems
    tigris-500 gems
    shadows-500 gems
    dolphin-500 gems
    kangaroo-500 gems
    koala-500 gems
    alphas-500 gems
    hooot-500 gems
    bemybuddy- 500 gems
    ajhq3000-500 gems
    10million-10 million banner
    ngexplorer-1000 gems

Have fun spending your new gems!

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